petband® kit is an easy device to be used when you need to secure your goods during transportation. It replaces belts, steel and plastic straps, pet and pp straps as well as ropes and wires. It has been designed for all the ones who, occasionally, need to restrain, tie or strap goods in a proper way and with a limited budget.


tightening fastening

petband® is made of unidirectional polyester fibres glued together by a plastic extrusion process.

As tough
as steel

petband® is available in different widths and dimensions with breaking strength going from 150 up to 2000 daN.


petband® is suitable for any product and guarantees goods’ safety during transportation.

The kit

Item code strap width breaking load spool length seals quantity per box
kit hm 13 13 390 400 100
kit hm 16 16 470 300 75
kit hm 19 19 570 220 50

Parts list

The strap

The strap is made of non-woven unidirectional polyester fibres fabric. Breaking load up to 2000 daN / it resists to very sharp edges / it does not rust or deteriorate / it is shock resistant / since it is light and easy to handle it does not cause injuries during operations / it is re-tensionable / it does not scratch or damage surfaces.

The tensioner

Light tool with very easy functioning / it is suitable for both horizontal and upright operations and it is very strong.

The seals

Seals are very easy to apply and guarantee a proper tensioning in all situations. “A system strength depends on its weakest component”. This is the reason why we check every single item, even the smallest.

How to use it


Let the petband® slip under the item to be strapped


Hold the seal from the protruding bit with your left hand, feed the strap through the seal leaving enough to perform the strapping.


Feed the strap inside the seal and shape an eyelet. Slip the eyelet sidewise around the free part of the seal


Lower the tensioner’s lever in order to lift the holding pin and slip the lower strap underneath the pin and the shear. Release the lever. Distance from the seal about 20 cm.


Slip the upper strap first in the shear and then in the ratchet, then turn the lever forward in order to run the ratchet. Keep on tensioning.


Once the desired tensioning is achieved, cut the strap by pressing down on the lever and release the tool slightly rotating towards the right side.

petband® video is made to give a clear idea on how easy it is to use and handle this polyester textile strap.

and strong

Available in different widths with breaking strength going from 150 daN to 2000 daN (steel straps performing the same results are six times heavier).

and easy to handle

These spools are lighter than steel and polyester ones and have no sharp edges.

for several applications

petband® is available in different widths and dimensions in order to guarantee a good value for money.


Suitable to work anywhere, it fits perfectly to corners, edges and any uneven surface.

Long lasting

petband® does not rust and does not wear off.

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